City Manager

78 The City Manager is Chad Nehring.  Mr. Nehring became the City Manager in August 2001.

The City Charter establishes the Council Manager form of local government.  Under this form of government, power is concentrated in the elected council, which selects and hires a local government professional, the City Manager, to recommend and implement policy and manage the daily operations of the city. 

The City Manager leads, directs, and coordinates all city operations and staff.  The City Manager also encourages input from the community and seeks ways of soliciting that input, engages in special studies and develops certain plans for development of the city.

The City Manager is also designated as the Budget Officer and is responsible for creating the annual budget to ensure the rational allocation of resources and that council policy and goals are funded and implemented.

Other responsibilities include meeting with private citizens, community groups and public/private entities regarding City policies or programs.

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