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The City of Center is committed to the financial transparency of its operations. As such, we strive to remain in compliance with the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts Transparency Leadership program. For more information about the program visit the Comptroller's website.

For any questions regarding the City of Center's finances, please contact Amanda Willey at 936/598-2941 or email.

For information on the local property tax rates, please visit the Property Tax Info Page.

To view the annual adopted budgets, please visit the City's Budget page.

To view the annual audits, please visit the City's Audit Reports page.

To view a debt transparency dashboard, please visit the Debt Transparency Dashboard.

Links to the past three fiscal year check registers with descriptions are available for download on the right of the page.

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If you would like to submit an open records or public information request, please use the online form. Visit our City Records page for more information.


Budget Awards

The City of Center has received the Government Finance Officer's Association (GFOA) Distinguished Budget Award the following years
FY 2015
FY 2016
FY 2017
FY 2018

Transparency Award

In December 2009, the Texas Comptroller established the “Leadership Circle” program to promote financial transparency in local government. In 2015, the City of Center attained that program’s highest rating by providing online access to its information in an easily accessible, user-friendly format. This, in turn, has promoted greater accountability and provided citizens with information on how their tax dollars are allocated and spent.

This program was discontinued in 2016 with the inception of the Texas Comptroller's "Transparency Stars" program.

Finance Summary

Center, Texas, Estimated Population - 6,000
FY 2017 Total Expenditures - All Funds: $12,927,673
FY 2017 Per Capita Total Expenditures - $2,154.61
FY 2017 Total Revenues - $12,618,805
FY 2017 Per Capita Revenues - $2,103.13

FY 2017 Property Tax Revenue
Maintenance & Operation - $849,500
Interest & Sinking - $627,300
Total - $1,476,800
Per Capita Property Tax Revenue - $246.13

FY 2017 Sales Tax Revenue
City Sales Tax - 1 cent - $1,558,000
4A EDC 1/4 cent - $389,000
4B EDC 1/2 cent - $778,000
Sales Tax for Property Tax Relief - $389,000
Total - $3,116,000
Per Capita Sales Tax Revenue - $519.33

FY 2017 Full Time Equivalent Employees (FTE's) - 73

Budget Graphs - Source FY 2017 Adopted Budget

Current Debt Obligation Information

Link to the Texas Bond Review Board searchable website for outstanding debt issues.

 Total Outstanding Debt ObligationsTotal Ad Valorem DebtTotal Revenue Supported Debt
FY 201713,060,0008,150,0004,910,000
Per Capita 1,1548.84 
FY 201812,200,0007,485,0004,715,000
Per Capita 1,422.46 

The Mayor's Debt Pledge and assorted debt charts are available as downloads below the Downloads tab at the top of the page.

  • Series 2007 Certificates - Issued September 2007; Principal Amount $1,500,000; Matures February 2022. Purpose: Construction of John D. Windham Civic Center
  • Series 2011 Refunding - Issued November 2011; Principal Amount $1,290,000; Matures February 2019. Refinanced existing bonds
  • Series 2011 Certificates - Issued May 2011; Principal Amount $4,000,000; Matures August 2030. Purpose: Ladder truck purchase, park improvements, facilities expansion
  • Series 2012 Certificates - Issued March 2012; Principal Amount $2,070,000; Matures February 2035; Texas Water Development Board Project. Purpose: Construction of Southside Sewer Project
  • Series 2012 Refunding - Issued April 2012; Principal Amount $1,610,000; Matures August 2023. Refinanced existing bonds
  • Series 2014 Tax Notes - Issued December 2013; Principal Amount $875,000; Matures August 2020. Purpose: Complete park and facilities projects.
  • Series 2016 Certificates of Obligation - Issued July 2016; Principal Amount $4,000,000; Matures August 2036. Purpose: Park projects, waste water treatment plant reconstruction, new water tank, airport CIP match,.

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