A Note About Center Sewer System Integrity

Center Sewer System Integrity

Center Utility Department finds it vital to inform our customers that flushing anything other than toilet paper will impact the system and your plumbing.  Toilet paper currently, is the single most difficult item to obtain.  Each customer needs to understand the hazards of using any “substitutions” such as wet wipes, paper towels and napkins; even though some of these items such as wet wipes marketed as “flushable” will clog pipes.  Failure to do so will cause an increase in backed-up toilets and their own private sewer lines as well as our wastewater collection and treatment system.

It is important that residents only flush regular toilet paper down the drain.  Wet wipes, napkins and paper towels do not break down easily, primarily being constructed of larger and stronger fibers that are designed to absorb moisture, unlike toilet paper which is specifically made to dissolve rapidly and easily in liquids.  Those alternative products survive the long journey down miles of sewer pipes to our wastewater treatment plant.  This can clog pumps increasing run times and load potentially leading to failures and straining the biological process needed to safely treat the sewage.  It could have the potential to cause overflows into our streams, rivers, lakes and reservoirs resulting in serious harm to the public health and environment and contaminating drinking water sources. 

Citizens should be reminded that all City services are 100% operational and to contact City Hall at (936) 598-2941 to report any utility concerns or issues.

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