Building Permits

All construction in Center must conform to the standards adopted by the City (The International Building, Plumbing and Fire Codes, the National Electrical Cade, and Local Zoning Ordinance, etc.)  Remodel or repair in an existing structure requires information similar to that which is needed for new construction.  Only the remodeled portion of a building needs to conform to the present codes, as long as the addition or remodeled portion is less than 50% of the entire structure.

What Information Do I Need for a Building Permit?

Plan Review Submittal Checklist
You need to submit two complete sets of construction drawings, showing all proposed work.  These plans must contain the following information:
1.  Legal description of the proposed site, which is available from your property tax statements, deeds, or through the Shelby County Appraisal District at 936/598-6171.
2.  Address of the property, if one exists.  Otherwise a new address will be assigned by the City's 9-1-1 coordinator.
3.  Proof of contractor license (if applicable).  Contractors performing work on HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing or Fire Sprinker Systems must show proof of licensure by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation prior to any inspection.
4.  Plot plan or site plan of the property.  You need to submit two copies of the following information:

Scale of the plan and the direction of North;
Location and length of all property lines;
Location, dimensions, and type of all easements (access, utilities) if any exist;
Drainage plan, showing elevations and direction of drainage;
Location, dimensions, and uses of all existing and proposed buildings, showing distances from property lines;
Show all proposed porches, walks, decks, retaining walls, patios, etc.;
Location and names of all streets which are adjacent to the site, and;
Location of all on-site parking and driveways.
NOTE:  Sometimes non-conventional construction will require plans stamped by an engineer or architect licensed in Texas.

5.  Building plans - Two complete copies, including the names, address, and phone number of the person who prepared them, including:

Foundation plan - Shape and dimension of foundation walls and showing placement of all reinforcing steel.  Location and size of all beams, posts, and interior footings.  Floor joist size, spacing, direction and length of span, any supports or hangers and solid blocking.  Size and location of all vents, access holes and insulation.  Floor joists and seals must be 18" above grade or treated lumber.
Floor plan for each floor area - Location of all walls, use and dimensions of all areas.  Location and dimension of all windows and doors, show direction of door swing, all header sizes.  Specifications and clearances of all fireplaces, wood stoves, chimneys, etc.  Access to all attic spaces and sizes.  Location of all plumbing fixtures, hose bibs, water heaters, furnaces, laundry fixtures, appliances, pumps, smoke detectors, vent fans, and indication type of heat (natural gas, electric).  Indicate capacities of mechanical equipment in BTU's or kW.  Location of electrical fixtures:  outlets, switches, lights, panels, and GFCI protection.  Exit lights, emergency lighting and exit locations
Building cross section - Footing size, depth, foundation wall thickness, placement of reinforcing steel, final grade.  Bearing posts and footings, beam sizes.
Treated still plates and anchoring method (6" clearance from sill to earth).  12" minimum clearance under beams and 18" minimum under floor joists in crawl spaces.  Size and spacing of all studs, joists, rafters, trusses, etc.
Sheating, wall, ceiling, floor and roof coverings shown.  Insulation "R" values in walls, ceiling and floor.  Crawl space vapor barrier.

What other permits will I need?

You may need a temporary electrical permit in the case of new construction, or a remodel involving the main electrical service.  Other permits which you may need depending opn your project include:  plumbing, electrical, and building permits.

How long will it take to get my permit?

The most important things you can do to ensure your application is reviewed without delay are:
1.  Make sure your plans comply with the City's building codes, and
2.  Provide legible, accurate, detailed information when you first apply. 
It may take up to 3 days to review and approve your permit for a new structure, depending on the time of the year.  Unusual designs or incomplete plans will require additional review time.  Apply for permits at the Inspection Service Permit Office location at 301 Nacogdoches Street.

Will my building permit expire?

Yes, if the work is not started within 180 days or if the work is stopped for 180 days.  The permit may be extended one tiem, if requested in writing prior to expiration.

Will my project be inspected?

Most projects require several inspections, but it depends.  For example, a new home might require the following inspections: 

Footings and setbacks - after excavation when forms are completely erected and rebar placed but before concrete is poured.  ALL SLABS MUST BE INSPECTED AND APPROVED BEFORE CONCRETE IS POURED AT LEAST 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE OF POURING.  Sewer and water lines are inspected before being covered.

Rough electrial, plumbing and mechanical - after the structure has been enclosed with roof, windows, etc., but before covering these systems with insulation or sheet rock. 

Framing - or sometimes done with the "rough in" inspection, but we recommend a framing inspection as soon as all framing work is completely installed. 

Insulation - right after the wall and floor insulation has been installed but before it is covered with sheet rock.  Ceiling inspection can be checked at the final inspection.

Final inspection - when all work is complete but before the building is occupied.  When the final inspection is approved, we can issue a "Certificate of Occupancy" which you may pick up at the Inspections Services Office.

Who do I call?

Whenever you are ready for a building inspection, call the Inspection Services Department and give us you permit number, address, your name and type of inspections needed.  Inspections requested after 3:00 p.m. will be done the following day.  The best policy is to request your inspections as early as possible.


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