Street Department

The Street Department is responsible for maintenance and upkeep of the City sidewalks, streets and storm sewer systems. The Street Department also maintains all of the Cities drainage ditches. The ditches are mowed and cleaned of debris that may inhibit storm drainage. The Street Department is under the supervision of Keith Oliver. To report sidewalk or pavement repairs that are needed, or to report debris inside of ditches, please call the Center City Hall Annex at 936-598-2055 or you can click here to report a problem.

 Help Us Help You.

Among other things... Dumping trash and toxic chemicals into storm drains is a main cause of water quality problems.  Any time motor oil, antifreeze, lawn or household chemicals run off into storm drains, or are dumped in them, fish, birds and other aquatic animals suffer from pollution.  This same non-point source pollution can end up in our public waterways if it enters through our storm sewers. 

Burning grass or leaves on the street pavement can weaken the asphalt or concrete the street is made of.  Doing this overtime will cause significant damage to the street and cause potholes and street failure.

Help Protect Our Water:

Do not allow soil, leaves, trash or grass clippings to pile up on driveways or streets.
Do not use the storm sewer to dispose of motor oil, antifreeze, pesticides, paints, etc.
Repair leaks in cars to prevent motor fluids from dripping on pavements
Do not over fertilize.  Follow package instruction.  Sweep (do not wash) fertilizer off driveways and sidewalks.

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